Monday, April 21st, 2014

For the first time in my life, I may actually be the person I’ve always wanted to be, even if becoming this person snuck up on me. Now, I’m not talking about my body, with all its wrinkles, saggy skin, droopy butt, etc. I’m still often shocked to see that older person who lives in […]

Well, last week’s column was well received, and even a few folks reported that they would like to hear more about the art of being happy. Granted, we in the Texas Panhandle region have a big advantage when it comes to being happy. The big blue sky, pristine air (except when New Mexico or Oklahoma […]

While lying prostrate in various hospital beds this past winter (and a long winter it was), yours truly had plenty of time to contemplate the mysteries of nature, the human condition, and even the Divine. The gist of this copious contemplation is that we should not worry and just be happy. In honor of the […]

Recently, a wondrous announcement was made by the scientific community, an announcement that supports Albert Einstein’s claims in his General Theory of Relativity, if it is confirmed through the peer review process. In short, researchers have found evidence of what happened at the very first moment of the Big Bang, the creation of our universe. […]

Last week was not your regular edition of The Clarendon Enterprise. It never is when we change our press time to fit an election. It discombobulates our schedule, the lives of those who print our paper, and, of course, the weekly routine of readers like you. It’s somewhat stressful for those of us on the […]

My favorite time of the year is now just around the corner, slowly – much too slowly – heading our way. Yes, indeed, I’m referring to spring. Recently, I have made several excursions along the county roads of Donley County; out past where the blacktop ends and the dirt roads begin. You can see the […]

Good ol’ Dubya said it best when he claimed that conservatives could be compassionate and conservative. He was calling for a tough-minded, yet fair, economic policy. Unfortunately, what we actually got, mostly from Republicans – was the opposite. Last week offers a wonderful example of the continuing hard-hearted, softheaded character of today’s GOP, as Senate […]

My recent health problems, which most everyone who cares is aware of, and those who don’t care are blessedly ignorant of, have led to a newfound interest in America’s health care delivery system. I remain particularly grateful for the many prayers and support of my friends and family, even exes. Thank you all. As importantly, […]

Last week, I wrote about the rising income inequality that is afflicting America and American prosperity. This inequality has enormous economic costs: wages are stagnant even though productivity is increasing, and rising debt that makes us much more vulnerable to the next financial crises. Income inequality also carries big social and human costs. It is […]

Life is often a matter of “hurry up and wait” with any number of subjects and in a wide array of circumstances. But in two issues currently before the Clarendon Board of Aldermen, city leaders need to both “hurry up” and “wait” but not at the same time. Aldermen made good progress on an alcohol […]