Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Tricky Ricky’s recent indictment aside, it must be assumed that Rick Perry is not just innocent; he is actually being railroaded by Democrats from Travis County, the liberal bastion surrounding Austin. Of course, who’s to say the aforementioned assumption is simply taken out of context – a context that is wrong? What is this issue […]

As you all may well know, a monument suddenly appeared in front of the Donley County Courthouse Annex a couple of weeks ago. Most folks knew it was coming, so it’s not a great surprise. On it, many statements were attributed to several Founding Fathers, along with others, including the Ten Commandments. Anyway, with all […]

This is in response to the Editor’s Commentary a couple of weeks ago in The Clarendon Enterprise regarding school days and how they have changed. I would like to acknowledge that the editor is right and things have changed, some for the better, some for the worse. Our world is not the same. Our school […]

A sure sign that the rapture is near is when I find some occasional common ground with Fabulous Fred. More likely is that I am losing my rather tenuous grip on sanity. In his Killer Weed commentary I found some spotty agreement which is generally cause for rethinking my position. In discussions of drugs, I […]

 The US House of Representatives last week voted to sue President Barack Obama, claiming the chief executive has overstepped the limits of his powers. The Republican-led House doesn’t like the way Mr. Obama enforces some laws and not others, and they specifically don’t like the way his administration has chosen to enforce parts of the […]

The Federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana. ‘Tis true, Congress needs to repeal the federal ban on marijuana use, for both medicinal and recreational purposes. According to a recent New York Times editorial, “nearly three-quarters of the states have experimented with legalizing medicinal uses of marijuana, reducing penalties, or even simply legalizing all […]

School starts in just more than three weeks, and I’m not ready any more than my kids are. We’ve had a great summer, you see. A 1970s type of summer filled with carefree times for the kids, riding bikes in the neighborhood and going on adventures with the neighborhood kids… which happens to include their […]

Yours truly always assumed that the state sport of Texas was high school football. It turns out that this is not the case, it’s actually rodeo, which makes a lot of sense, especially in this part of the great state of Texas. Rodeo is also the state sport of Wyoming and North Dakota, both of […]

Without a doubt, we have a serious mess along our unsecured border with Mexico. Additionally, our state and national politicians are making an even bigger mess as they struggle to forge some sort of permanent solution to the mess on our southern border. Growing divisions on Capitol Hill are getting in the way of an […]

As we all know, Texas and Texans absolutely love to be Number 1, whatever the category. Well, by golly, we are Number 1 again! Texas has become the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, according to federal data. Of course, not to worry, because Texas’ State Republican leaders have ordained that global warming and climate […]