Friday, October 31st, 2014

The crosses and signs proclaiming Clarendon’s religiosity generate strong feelings among residents and travelers and even recently drew the attention of city officials. But the question remains as to what… if anything… should be done about them. Alderman Sandy Skelton brought the subject up at the October 14 city meeting, but even he only sought […]

President Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster. Actually, his entire presidency has been a disaster. Perhaps the worst ever. Dubya is smiling and enjoying his art in Dallas, because President Obama has proven to be such a national disaster that it has taken much of the tarnish off of Dubya’s presidency. As our eastern […]

Last week, the Clarendon Board of Aldermen addressed the religious billboards and staggering number of sewer-pipe crosses – sort of, that is. Alderman Sandy Skelton brought the issue up of regulating signs. We have an ordinance. However, that was about it as far as it went. A passing reference was made that perhaps it might […]

‘Tis true, the scientist, people in the know, are now suggesting that we can expect up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week, by the end of December, no less. This pandemic could easily spread into the worst outbreak of death since the middle ages. We must remember that those outbreaks of the Black Death […]

Some of my earliest memories of my Dad are of him reading the funny pages to me on Sunday morning. I would crawl up in his lap or on the arm of his rocking chair and lose myself in the adventures of Nancy and Sluggo, Alley Oop, Rick O’Shay, the Peanuts gang, Prince Valiant, and […]

Perhaps living in the sparsely populated middle of a magnificent continent, surrounded by two really big oceans is not such a bad thing after all. In light of the spreading Ebola virus, along with the seemingly never-ending, horrific beheadings by the Islamic pond scum in the Levant, it is nice to live in an area […]

I love Jesus for many reasons, one of which happens to be beer. In terms of food and drink, I think alcoholic beverages are among the greatest blessings we have received from our Creator. Aside from the variety of great flavors and the relaxing effects of alcohol (in moderation of course), alcoholic beverages have played […]

The ancient and beautiful Arabian civilization that once flourished has putrefied and disintegrated. It will not be good and virtuous again in my lifetime, if ever. Yet, President Obama has once again led us into the frenzied internal affairs of Iraq and Syria, both societies long gutted of any meaningful virtues, long before the US […]

A couple of weeks ago, when the news that star football running back, Adrian Peterson, had been charged with child abuse, for spanking his son with a “switch,” I immediately thought about how absurd it was to charge a parent with such a serious crime just for spanking his son. During discussions with friends about […]

Thursday marks 13 years since the attacks of September 11, 2001; and as the intrepid Fred Gray points out this week, we aren’t doing too well in the struggle to win the War on Terror. This column isn’t going to rehash the events of that fateful day. Suffice to say that your editor – and […]