Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

President Obama’s days in office are numbered, and the end can’t come soon enough for the Kitten in Chief. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the next occupant of the Oval Office will be any better than the current guy. People who say “it can’t be worse” often find out that it can […]

The wait is over, and happy days are here again. Blue Bell Ice Cream has returned to local stores. Let the angels sing and the people rejoice! The year 2015 has been a trying one for Texans. We have faced the kind of adversity that tested whether we had the fortitude of early pioneers who […]

Last week, two evil people killed 14 people and injured 21 others in San Bernardino, California. The perpetrators of the horror were a man and his wife following radicalized tenets of Islam. The couple’s actions and Facebook activity link the couple to being followers of the Islamic State, or ISIS; and therefore the whole thing […]

The AACC Commission on Leadership and Professional Development. The name of the commission that met in Washington, DC, recently sure sounds impressive, and some of the people there were what I call “heavy hitters.” The first part of the meeting was spent discussing what exactly the charge of a new commission was and then what […]

This began when Mr. Jack Moreman and County Judge Dr. John Howard asked me if I would be at the Veterans Day service at the College. When I told them I would be in Washington, DC, Dr. Howard commented, “they do a pretty good program there.” If you have a “Bucket List” – a list […]

The Health Nazis have resumed their attacks on everything that is good and wholesome about life. Last week, the pinko commies at the United Nations’ World Health Organization announced that bacon kills people. The breakfast staple – and one of the clearest signs that God loves us – is, they said a carcinogen in the […]

It’s election time. No, it’s nothing flashy, controversial, or even interesting really. It’s the regular, every-two-years Texas Constitutional Amendment Election. Election Day isn’t officially until November 3; but if you’re a registered voter and have some way of proving you’re not an illegal immigrant who snuck into this great land to vote for Democrats, you […]

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it certainly appears to be the case as your editor marks 20 years on the job this month. Two decades is a milestone to be sure. Some folks might say that’s a good point to shift directions. In my case, it puts me just under half-way […]

What an exciting time to live in Clarendon! Opportunities seem to keep cropping up at a consistent pace, and then last week the announcement came that a benefactor wants our city to have some type of water recreation facility. (See full story here.) Such an enormously generous thing does not happen every day. One half […]

The Republicans have produced a bumper crop of presidential candidates for 2016, and ten of them were in the primetime spotlight last Thursday evening on the Fox News Channel. A few other also-runnings (including our beloved former governor) were on television earlier in the day hoping to break into the news. I confess to tuning […]