Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Last week was not your regular edition of The Clarendon Enterprise. It never is when we change our press time to fit an election. It discombobulates our schedule, the lives of those who print our paper, and, of course, the weekly routine of readers like you. It’s somewhat stressful for those of us on the […]

Life is often a matter of “hurry up and wait” with any number of subjects and in a wide array of circumstances. But in two issues currently before the Clarendon Board of Aldermen, city leaders need to both “hurry up” and “wait” but not at the same time. Aldermen made good progress on an alcohol […]

 Even the Imperial Congress is not immune to the snooping of government data gatherers. CNN published a story over the weekend regarding a response the National Security Agency gave to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) inquiry as to whether the NSA was collecting so-called metadata on members of Congress. The answer would appear to be “yes.” […]

It’s Christmas time again. A season of peace and joy and, too often, stress. There is shopping to be done, school programs to attend, community events scheduled, family calendars to be juggled, and all of life’s usual craziness that seems to multiply from Thanksgiving to December 25. At our office, this is the busiest time […]

 The Christmas spirit is alive in Clarendon with special programs and opportunities at every turn. Several organizations are doing their part to make this season brighter for those less fortunate, and local businesses are working hard to provide fun activities for local families while encouraging them to shop at home. This holiday season there is […]

 Continuing a tradition, our family has again set the goal of getting as much of our Christmas shopping done right here at home this Friday and Saturday. Now certainly, there may be an item or two that we just can’t get here or we order online, but our intention is to make 90 percent or […]

Clarendon lost one of its saints last week. Tommie Saye – our Scoutmaster, our mentor, our friend – passed away Friday morning, and left a hole in our lives. Ten years ago, this paper published a feature story on Tommie and his contribution to Boy Scouts. In an accompanying editorial, I wrote about Tommie’s influence […]

The Way Forward, Part 7 Three new City Aldermen being seated this week give Clarendon a chance to chart a path of progress for our community. But to do that the board must start out on the right foot with thoughtful decision-making for the good of the whole. Citizens have had enough of petty arguments […]

“The vote” is just days away; and when you pick up your paper next week, the outcome will be known. Will Donley County go “wet,” or will it continue being “dry.” After months of people talking about it, numerous ads on the subject, and lots of statistics, people are largely in agreement about one thing: […]

“I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” With that simple sentence, Coach Don Beck summed up Freedom of Speech in Clarendon High School history classes more than two decades ago. Tolerance, although not necessarily acceptance, of differing views is one of the things that […]