Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

The Donley County AgriLife Extension Office held a community planning workshop last Tuesday evening, but it turns out the community wasn’t much interested in making plans. Your editor showed up 30 minutes late (more on that in a moment), and that brought the total number of people at the event to… four. Extension Agent Leonard […]

The City of Shamrock welcomed an American hero last week as former astronaut Alan Bean gave the keynote address at the Friday banquet that preceded the big St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in that city. A product of the Texas Panhandle, Bean was born in Wheeler, and surely no one on the second floor of that […]

Many of you will be able to relate to this story. When your editor was a boy, Kearney Street (or “main street” as home folks like to call it) was a busy place. There were many stores on the three blocks of downtown; and if you needed something, you could probably find it there. We […]

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick helped set the tone for the Legislative session last week by partially squashing the voice of the minority party. You can read the details of the new rules in the Texas Senate in a piece by the Texas Tribune that is reprinted in this week’s Enterprise, but suffice it to say […]

Texas’ new Ag Commissioner Sid Miller made headlines last week when, as his first official act in office, he granted amnesty… to cupcakes. Miller’s bold move was, he said, to let Texans know that rules passed in 2004 that prevented cupcakes, cookies, and other snacks from being brought to public schools had been repealed. “We […]

Incoming Lt. Gov Dan Patrick released his vision for Texas last week, and it appears that not much of positive significance is going to happen while he’s in charge. Patrick’s plan consists of 19 points in about eight areas that are keeping Republican leader of the State Senate and his followers up at night. Going […]

This week marks the changing of the guard for two local institutions as Donley County Judge Jack Hall caps off 17 years of service and Clarendon School Superintendent Monty Hysinger leaves for new opportunities after 16 years. Hall spent a full career of about three decades as a coach and teacher at Clarendon Junior High […]

It’s been a disappointing couple of weeks for open government and the right of the people in Donley County to know what their governments are up to. Following the state norm, Clarendon ISD has formally declared that it will only name a lone finalist in its search to replace longtime superintendent Monty Hysinger. The process […]

I’ve never been a cat fan. I hate cats. And yet… I’m mourning… a cat. Perhaps my dislike for cats stems from my allergic reaction to them. Perhaps it has to do with my distinct dislike for finding feline feces in flowerbeds. Or perhaps it’s genetic – my father hated cats, too. He always hated […]

A good many local residents were surprised by the recent news that Clarendon ISD Superintendent Monty Hysinger had been named as the lone finalist for the top job at Dumas ISD. The Amarillo Globe-News posted that news online Wednesday night, October 29, and the Enterprise followed the next morning on No one begrudges Mr. […]