Saturday, December 20th, 2014

It’s been a disappointing couple of weeks for open government and the right of the people in Donley County to know what their governments are up to. Following the state norm, Clarendon ISD has formally declared that it will only name a lone finalist in its search to replace longtime superintendent Monty Hysinger. The process […]

I’ve never been a cat fan. I hate cats. And yet… I’m mourning… a cat. Perhaps my dislike for cats stems from my allergic reaction to them. Perhaps it has to do with my distinct dislike for finding feline feces in flowerbeds. Or perhaps it’s genetic – my father hated cats, too. He always hated […]

A good many local residents were surprised by the recent news that Clarendon ISD Superintendent Monty Hysinger had been named as the lone finalist for the top job at Dumas ISD. The Amarillo Globe-News posted that news online Wednesday night, October 29, and the Enterprise followed the next morning on No one begrudges Mr. […]

The crosses and signs proclaiming Clarendon’s religiosity generate strong feelings among residents and travelers and even recently drew the attention of city officials. But the question remains as to what… if anything… should be done about them. Alderman Sandy Skelton brought the subject up at the October 14 city meeting, but even he only sought […]

Some of my earliest memories of my Dad are of him reading the funny pages to me on Sunday morning. I would crawl up in his lap or on the arm of his rocking chair and lose myself in the adventures of Nancy and Sluggo, Alley Oop, Rick O’Shay, the Peanuts gang, Prince Valiant, and […]

Thursday marks 13 years since the attacks of September 11, 2001; and as the intrepid Fred Gray points out this week, we aren’t doing too well in the struggle to win the War on Terror. This column isn’t going to rehash the events of that fateful day. Suffice to say that your editor – and […]

It isn’t easy being free. Threats come from all around you. Sometimes it’s from those close to home; other times it comes from far away. Being a journalist is particularly treacherous, especially in some parts of the world. Last week, a group of barbarians literally removed the head of one American reporter. The Islamic State […]

 The US House of Representatives last week voted to sue President Barack Obama, claiming the chief executive has overstepped the limits of his powers. The Republican-led House doesn’t like the way Mr. Obama enforces some laws and not others, and they specifically don’t like the way his administration has chosen to enforce parts of the […]

School starts in just more than three weeks, and I’m not ready any more than my kids are. We’ve had a great summer, you see. A 1970s type of summer filled with carefree times for the kids, riding bikes in the neighborhood and going on adventures with the neighborhood kids… which happens to include their […]

The nation got something of a birthday present from the Supreme Court Monday, sending conservatives’ hearts soaring and unleashing the usual drivel from the left. Just in time for Independence Day, the court ruled 5-4 that the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, violates the constitutional rights of Hobby Lobby and similar private businesses […]