Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Donley County’s State Senator Kel Seliger and State Representative Ken King have announced their plans to run for re-election to their respective offices, and for Texas’ sake, we hope they win. There is probably no realistic chance for a Democrat to win the districts represented by Seliger and King. Their biggest hurdle will be fending […]

The first full week of October is National Newspaper Week every year, and the Enterprise again joins in the celebration to remind everyone of the importance of a free and independent press. It’s easy to find “information” about what people think is happening in your community. But if you want verified news you can count […]

“I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”* With those words, Coach Don Beck ingrained in his history students in 1988 the very essence of freedom of speech. America needs Coach Beck right now. It’s always easy to defend the person whose speech you agree with, […]

The Texas Legislature will be going back to work next month after Gov. Greg Abbott this week called for a special session so that lawmakers can tackle a host of issues that would really best be left alone. Your editor agrees with the governor on one point. He said that a special session was entirely […]

The Clarendon City Council should approve a variance request for Allsup’s Convenience Stores after it holds a public hearing next Tuesday at 7 p.m. The company, which has been in business here for more than 40 years, is in contract to buy a large tract of land on US 287 and says it plans to […]

Your right to know what is going on with your government – from City Hall to the White House – is a cornerstone of a free republic. It is appropriate then to reflect on the defenders of that right at this time as America observes Sunshine Week March 12-18. Some might say that the sunshine […]

West Texans have a name for things like the state’s new school accountability system. We can’t print it here, but let’s just say it rhymes with “pull spit.” Always on the lookout for a way to pander to voters, Texas Republicans, led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and others, dreamed up the idea of ranking […]

As 2016 draws to a close, a final act of weirdness befell America this week when Donald Trump was actually elected president of the United States. This was pretty much a foregone conclusion in November, but with the ups and downs we’ve seen this year, nothing was certain as members of the Electoral College cast […]

The 2016 election was certainly one for the history books, and now the nation looks to see what Donald Trump will be like as president. Most people were surprised by last Tuesday’s outcome. Hillary Clinton was leading all the polls, and Trump had offended almost everyone at some point during the campaign. But two things […]

Donley County history lovers are in for a real treat if they attend this weekend’s Clarendon Arts Festival. One of the booths at the festival will feature a former local resident who has written a fascinating new book that details a horrible crime from Clarendon’s past. Weaving in and out of the timeline, Louva A. […]