Sunday, September 24th, 2017

If you didn’t get out of the house last weekend, you missed a terrific time in Clarendon. Kimberly Britten and Jordan Green breathed new life into an old landmark and launched their Whistle-Stop Trade Days on Friday. Approximately 100 vendors and literally countless customers and on-lookers crowded the former Chamberlain Motor Company property during the […]

The Clarendon City Council has some big decisions to make in the weeks ahead, and its members are asking for your input on how they should proceed. At issue is the town’s aging infrastructure… a theme that is plaguing cities, states, and even the federal government. Roads, bridges, and other things often take a toll […]

The Trump train continues unabated at this writing, Bernie continues to annoy Hillary on her way to being the Democratic nominee, and America is left wonder what has happened to its political system. Outsider candidates are making a loud impact in the 2016 presidential campaign, showing that a large number of voters are dissatisfied in […]

Another Republican debate, another “Sweet Lord, save us” two hours of life wasted. Six would-be presidents took the stage Saturday night in South Carolina for another round of interruptions, lies, and insults in an auditorium ironically called the “Peace Center.” South Carolina voters will get to speak soon. Their decision will no doubt continue the […]

Many primary voters will find themselves in a pickle when they start voting next week. Texas finds itself in the unusual position of actually mattering in a primary contest for the first time in several election cycles. But the choice of candidates is, well, pathetic at best. For Democrats, it comes down to two choices… […]

President Obama’s days in office are numbered, and the end can’t come soon enough for the Kitten in Chief. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the next occupant of the Oval Office will be any better than the current guy. People who say “it can’t be worse” often find out that it can […]

The wait is over, and happy days are here again. Blue Bell Ice Cream has returned to local stores. Let the angels sing and the people rejoice! The year 2015 has been a trying one for Texans. We have faced the kind of adversity that tested whether we had the fortitude of early pioneers who […]

Last week, two evil people killed 14 people and injured 21 others in San Bernardino, California. The perpetrators of the horror were a man and his wife following radicalized tenets of Islam. The couple’s actions and Facebook activity link the couple to being followers of the Islamic State, or ISIS; and therefore the whole thing […]

The Health Nazis have resumed their attacks on everything that is good and wholesome about life. Last week, the pinko commies at the United Nations’ World Health Organization announced that bacon kills people. The breakfast staple – and one of the clearest signs that God loves us – is, they said a carcinogen in the […]

It’s election time. No, it’s nothing flashy, controversial, or even interesting really. It’s the regular, every-two-years Texas Constitutional Amendment Election. Election Day isn’t officially until November 3; but if you’re a registered voter and have some way of proving you’re not an illegal immigrant who snuck into this great land to vote for Democrats, you […]