Monday, December 18th, 2017

Clarendon ISD Superintendent Monty Hysinger was named the lone finalist to be the next superintendent at Dumas by the Dumas ISD Board last night. Hysinger, who is in his 16th year at Clarendon, told the Enterprise today that the move is a good opportunity for him but that moving will be bittersweet. “It won’t be […]

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Proposition 1 on the November 4th ballot adds new funding for transportation – if approved by Texas voters. The funds will come from oil and gas production taxes. These taxes now go to the Rainy Day Fund, officially known as the Economic Stabilization Fund. The proposed amendment would re-direct half of the revenue from oil […]

Voters in Donley County and across Texas will head to the polls next Tuesday, November 4, to cast ballots in this year’s General Election. Early voting by personal appearance continues this week through Friday, October 31, at the Donley County Courthouse Annex Voters in three precincts will decided two races are of particular local interest […]

The crosses and signs proclaiming Clarendon’s religiosity generate strong feelings among residents and travelers and even recently drew the attention of city officials. But the question remains as to what… if anything… should be done about them. Alderman Sandy Skelton brought the subject up at the October 14 city meeting, but even he only sought […]

President Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster. Actually, his entire presidency has been a disaster. Perhaps the worst ever. Dubya is smiling and enjoying his art in Dallas, because President Obama has proven to be such a national disaster that it has taken much of the tarnish off of Dubya’s presidency. As our eastern […]

By Fred Gray The Clarendon College volleyball team won three of four of their matches, with one home game left in the season. They will host the first place team in their conference, Odessa College, this coming Saturday, October 1. On the 18th of October, the Lady Bulldogs swept Lamar Community College in three straight […]

Clarendon High School and Junior High School made a great showing in the District 2-2A cross-country meet held in Shamrock Monday, October 20. The Bronco varsity won an undisputable District Championship led by Bryce Grahn and Colt Wood. Grahn won the championship for the 5k in a time of 17:52 and Wood ran second at […]

By Sandy Anderberg The Clarendon Broncos have fought battle after battle and Friday night was no different for the young squad. After playing top ten-ranked Crosbyton very tough, the Broncos were in a good spot through the final quarter when the Chiefs broke the game open. A pass interference call in the end zone that […]

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