Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Deadline nears for candidates

Potential candidates have until next Monday, March 5, to throw their hats in the ring for any of seven local boards scheduled to have elections this spring.

Those with openings include for the cities of Clarendon, Hedley, and Howardwick; Clarendon and Hedley schools; Clarendon College, and the Donley County Hospital District.

The Clarendon College District has all three of its incumbents running for reelection. Jerry Woodard, Delbert Robertson, and Doug Lowe are all seeking to serve another six-year term on the Board of Regents; and Tex Selvidge is running to continue to serve the remainder of the unexpired term belonging to the late Charles Deyhle, Sr. Four years are remaining on that term.

The Donley County Hospital District has four two-year terms expiring on its Board of Directors this year. Those seats are currently held by Jan Farris (Place 4), Jeannie Owens (Place 5), Mark C. White (Place 6), and Laurie Howard (Place 7), and all incumbents are running again.

The City of Clarendon has three two-year terms on the Board of Aldermen up for election this year. Incumbents are Ann Huey (serving the unexpired term of Kyle Davis), Jesus Hernandez (serving the unexpired term of Jeremy Powell), and Will Thompson. At press time, Hernandez and Thompson were the only candidates signed up.

The City of Howardwick has its ballot the one year unexpired term of former mayor Del Essary and three aldermen’s positions currently held by Tanis McMorries, Johnny Hubbard, and Tim Gallagher. Aldermen serve two years. So far the only candidate filed in Howardwick is Robert Brewster for alderman.

The City of Hedley has the two-year terms of Mayor Dusty Wilkinson and Aldermen Leon Ward and Lonnie Roby up for election this year.  Roby and Ward have signed up to run again.

Clarendon ISD has three positions on the ballot for its Board of Trustees this year, including two three-year terms currently held by Wayne Hardin and Wes Hatley and the one year unexpired term of the late Marvin Thompson, which is held now by Richard Gribble. All of the CISD incumbents are running for re-election.

Hedley ISD has two three-year terms on its Board of Trustees on this year’s ballot. Those seats are held by Lana Ritchie and Bobby Lindsey, filling the term originally held by Shelby Shipp. As of Tuesday, challengers Michael Metcalf, Sr., and Dee Smith had signed up for the election.

Election Day will be Saturday, May 12.

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