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Opinions: The modern politics of extreme frowns

People who frown a lot make me nervous and give me gas.  Particularly disconcerting is the fact that both Democrats and Republicans seem to be frowning a lot.  Both parties have been hijacked by their extreme fringes.  Today’s political reality is that the candidates must cater to the extreme wings in order to be nominated by their respective parties.  Moderates simply do not turn out to vote as often as their more zealous members do, which usually results in ideologically inflexible candidates.  Compromise, which is vital to good governance, then becomes problematic.

Fred Gray.

The members of the “commie pinko leftist” wing of the Democratic Party are now sporting new frowns.  If we are to overcome the challenge of our outrageous debt, which – make no mistake about it –  is an existential threat to the United States of America, then we must cut entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  Cuts to these programs will not be enough.  We must also cut other sacred cows that the Democrats hold dear, like education and health care. 

Additionally, the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party has proven to be a bit of an idiot.  President Obama, upon his election, chose to ignore the economic disaster that naturally resulted from the policies of Dubya’s presidency, in order to create his grand legacy, health care reform.  Rather than using his political capital to address our economic problems, the President chose to blame Bush while pushing forth his desire to reform our health care programs.  Sure, health care is important, but having a decent job and providing for our families is much more important. 

The President has also been particularly obtuse in our energy sector.  He has pandered to his green energy base and ignored the job creating technological advances that have resulted in increased oil and gas production.  For example, in 1944, the US had 20 billion barrels of proven reserves of oil.  Since 1944, the US has produced 144 billion barrels of oil – and proven reserves remain a little over 20 billion barrels.

Oil industry authorities say that we now have 1.4 trillion barrels of recoverable oil, which is more oil than Saudi Arabia.  This enormous reserve of oil is now available because of the staggering technological advances made by the oil industry. 

On the other hand, the Republicans may have even more to frown about.  They have allowed the radical right to capture the Party, placing ideology above pragmatism.  Ideological purity alone will not reduce the national debt by simply cutting spending.  We must increase revenues, which the radical tea party types that currently control the Republican Party will not even consider.  More worrisome is the fact that the Grover Norquist tea party types want to annihilate the powers of the federal government to levy taxes of any sort. 

Furthermore, right wing Republicans seem to hate Obama so badly than they can’t even gaze upon his countenance without frothing at the mouth.  I think the sight of the President makes the right wing of the Grand Old Party go completely stark raving mad.  It is truly a wonder to watch.

Republican frowns deepen when they ponder what might have been.  If they had been able to put forth a true conservative to run against Obama it is probable that a Republican would be inhabiting the White House early next year.  The President is vulnerable and can be beaten by the right candidate.  Unfortunately, Mitt is not a conservative and not the right candidate, regardless of his claims to the contrary.  Pollsters claim that Mitt will not beat the President unless something dramatic and unforeseen happens this summer or early fall.

The only people who aren’t frowning are the libertarians, bless their hearts, who just seem befuddled.  Their man, the honorable Ron Paul, has disappeared. Elvis has left the building.

The unfortunate reality is there is little need for frowning.  If people would use common sense, and be willing to compromise, we could reduce our national debt and place this wonderful country back onto the pathway to future prosperity. 

Right now, all we have is a bunch of hot air and gas – and frowns.


One Response to “Opinions: The modern politics of extreme frowns”
  1. flyoverhere says:

    There you go again…..

    Once again you have accused ‘right wing’ of frothing at the mouth. I have not observed that phenomena from any one on the ‘right’. Watch some of the coverage of Tea Party demonstrations and some of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and tell me which one is frothing at the mouth and then tell me which politicians align themselves with each. I really don’t understand your gas pangs. In any given election, with the exception of 2008, approximately 40% of voters are Liberal and 40% Conservative. That 20% in the middle, those wonderful Moderates, the compromisers, determine election outcomes, depending on which side of the fence they fall to. The problem with Moderates is that they are easily swayed, they are neither hot, nor cold, just luke warm and a lot of things give them gas.

    You speak of the need to raise revenues. Yes, and expanding the tax base happens when more people have jobs and pay taxes, increasing revenues. It has been proven over and over again. Entrepreneurs, those that invest their own money and start a small business are the heart of the American economy. They create jobs, the government does not. The current regulation environment is such that these folks aren’t willing to risk their money. They don’t know what new regulations they are going to be faced with.

    The Federal government is out of control and the bureaucracies within it are without consciouses. This is the result of compromise. The Federal government has no money and produces nothing. They do not create jobs, they create conditions which either encourage or discourage job creation. Unfortunately people who listen to the politicians, especially the young and the poor are under the impression that good old Uncle Sam has plenty of money and should spread it around.

    You call for compromise with folks who along with Mr. Obama are pitting people against one another by waging class, race, religious, gender, and lifestyle warfare. You call for compromise with folks that wish the Constitution weren’t in their way. You call for compromise with folks who passed Obamacare by hook and by crook over the objections by a large majority of the American people. You call for compromise with folks who rather than enforcing our Immigration laws and suing states for doing the job that the Federal government should be doing. You call for compromise with folks who have not even produced a budget in 3 years. You can’t compromise when one side has produced nothing.

    Contrary to your opinion, Mr. Obama is not an idiot. He promised a fundamental transformation of America. He has accomplished a lot in a short three and a half years. When he took office the national debt was, I believe about $9 Trillion. Today it stands at almost $16 Trillion. His goal is to subjugate America to Global governance. He has decided that he alone decides what is best and has given power to Homeland Security, the TSA, HHS, and EPA and other agencies to go around Congress and implement his will upon the people.

    You confuse me Fred. What do you wish to compromise? You accuse folks who want a Constitutional government, who stand up for the rights of the individual, who demand good stewardship of tax dollars, who believe that individual responsibility is preferable to government mandated behavior, of frothing at the mouth? I don’t hate any human being. I do hate the actions of some human beings including Mr. Obama and the Socialist, Communist and Marxist folks he surrounds himself with. I do not want the people I vote for to compromise the values and precedents that our nation was founded on in the name of just getting something done. The best thing that we can hope to be accomplished is the destruction of an ideology that uses fear, divisiveness, dishonesty and demagoguery to control the thoughts and minds of the average citizen. Minorities, young people, women, and the poor are being used as pawns not realizing that the promises being made cannot and will not be kept. This could not happen if good, moral, decent and honest people had not been willing to remain silent while Liberty was being compromised (by politicians of both parties), blood and treasure wasted and fraud and abuse to run rampant.

    The truth is that until we return to a nation that doesn’t stand for ‘Bad’ being called ‘Good’, ‘Wrong being called ‘Right’, agree that we have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion, acknowledge that economic equality cannot be granted by government, it is not a God given right but a privilege to the resourceful individual willing to use their own talents, intelligence and labor to determine their own destiny. United we stand, divided we fall………

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