Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Discolored water still plagues some residents

Clarendon city officials are looking for ways to address discolored water that is continuing to be a problem for some residents in the south and east parts of the city.

Rhonda Howell addressed the Board of Aldermen during last Tuesday’s regular meeting and said she has had rusty colored water for two years. Flushing the lines helps for about a day, and then the water is discolored again, she said.

Howell complained that her white clothes have turned brown and that the problem is affecting her appliances and requested the city find the source of the problem.

City Secretary Linda Smith said this week that City Hall is trying to figure out how to determine which citizens are affected since reports of the discolored water have been scattered and not in a single location.

Smith also said state tests show the city’s water to be safe.

In other city business, the oath of office was administered to Mayor Mark White, Alderman Terry Noble, and Municipal Judge Jimmy Johnson.

Graham Towerton addressed the board concerning grant writing. He said he would seek grants for the city and charge an hourly rate if successful. No action was taken.

Joe Shadle reported that the sanitation department is losing money. Part of the problem is the increased fuel cost to haul trash to the landfill in Memphis. The board discussed raising fees at the recycling center and the possibility of stopping free dumping and the citywide clean up. No action was taken.

Aldermen selected the low bid of Lewis Construction in the amount of $29,250 for seal coat work. Seal coat bids were opened in Perryton on May 11 as part of a group of cities looking at doing seal coat work this summer.

City Superintendent Jim Roberts said he has been spraying for mosquitoes and has put larvacide at the waste water plant with the county paying half the bill.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, a public hearing was held for a grant application that would revitalize downtown Clarendon. C.P. Paul spoke against the project.

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