Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Collections on track as tax deadline nears

The deadline is coming up next week for payments of local property taxes, according to the Donley Appraisal District.

All 2016 taxes are due by January 31, but a large percentage of taxpayers have already taken care of those obligations.

Chief Appraiser Paula Lowrie says 85 percent or more of the taxes for the three largest local entities have been collected as of Tuesday afternoon, and those numbers are running very close to this same period one year ago.

“Donley County is at 85 percent, and last year they were at 84 percent,” Lowrie said. “Clarendon ISD is at 87 percent. Last year they were 86 percent. Hedley ISD is at 88 percent, and last year they were also at 88 percent.”

Seventy-five percent of taxes have been collected for the City of Clarendon. Howardwick is also at 75 percent, and Hedley is at 68 percent.

Many taxpayers take advantages of discounts offered for early payments – three percent off in October, two percent off in November, and one percent in December.

“We collect about a third of the taxes due in October,” Lowrie said. “By the end of November we have about 50 percent of the taxes collected.”

Lowrie said several taxpayers will wait until the last the last day to pay next Tuesday. For those that don’t, penalties will start to be applied.

Payments made on February 1 through February 28 will incur penalty and interest of seven percent. The amount increases each month until the tax is paid.  Accounts unpaid on July 1 will incur a 20 percent collection penalty in addition to the regular penalty and interest of 18 percent. Texas state law prescribes the penalty and interest amounts.

Delinquent notices will be mailed in May to those who still owe 2016 tax at that time.  Partial payments will be accepted.

Taxes are payable to the Donley Appraisal District, PO Box 1220, Clarendon TX 79226. For more information, call 874-2744 or visit their website at

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