Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Nursing home wants to reassure citizens

A representative of Clarendon’s nursing home is seeking to reassure citizens this week amidst swirling gossip about the facility.

The 61-bed Clarendon Care Center re-opened after it was purchased by Meridian Health Care about nine months ago, according to Corporate Admissions Coordinator Micha Robnett, who said he wants to set the record straight about what is being done with the facility.

“We offer skilled nursing for patients and residents with behavioral problems from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other disorders,” Robnett said. “We believe even patients with issues of aggression need and deserve care and respect.”

Robnett said Clarendon Care Center currently has 17 residents and that, despite rumors, there are no registered sex offenders currently living in the facility. He further stated that the home only accepts male residents and said that if the home were to accept a registered sex offender, the man would be in his 70s to 80s, suffering from something like Alzheimer’s or dementia, non-ambulatory, and ten years would have to have passed since an offense.

“I’m not going to put someone here who is inappropriate or who would be a threat to someone’s kids or grandkids,” Robnett said.

For the safety of the patients, Robnett said the facility is surrounded by a 10- to 12-foot wrought iron fence that has only two security gates. Even with the secure environment, the center tries to make the residents feel as comfortable as possible with activities like dominoes, horseshoes, fishing trips, and grilling hamburgers.

Meridian also operates facilities in Brownfield and Ralls, Robnett said, and is owned by six investors, all of whom are medical professionals with more than 20 or more years in geriatric practices.

Clarendon Care Center currently employs 48 people and is administered locally by Jason Black.

Robnett said the facility will grow over time to fill all 61 beds and could ultimately employ 150 or more employees, but he said growth will be slow, adding one or two residents per week.

Robnett also said that citizens who have concerns or questions are welcome to stop by and visit the facility. The company plans to hold an open house later this year.

Clarendon Care Center was built in the 1970s by the Donley County Hospital District. The district sold its Medical Center Nursing Home in 2008, and the facility was operated privately as Community Care Center of Clarendon until it closed in 2015.

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