Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Howardwick city officials discuss limb pile

The Howardwick City Council voted to keep location of its limb pile where it currently is during its regular meeting last Tuesday, May 9.

The city was planning to move its limb pile from its historic location east of the former Hitchin’ Post liquor store to a new location in the Carroll Creek Acres section of the city.

However, that plan drew sharp response from residents because the Carroll Creek Acres property, which is privately owned, has become the subject of warnings issued by the city’s code enforcement officer for the presence of debris and demolition waste.

About 40 people attended Tuesday’s meeting, and former alderman Doc Holladay presented a petition to the council and urged the city to have the property cleaned up.

He also addressed the issue that much of the debris is apparently from demolitions the city had contracted.

City officials indicated that in the future demolition jobs would specify how debris from such work should be handled and disposed of.

The council took no action on the property, but Mayor Mike Rowland said the city is following the legal process to have that property cleaned up.

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