Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Chamber names Weiss as new manager

The Clarendon Chamber of Commerce named Bob Weiss as its new manager last Thursday, May 11.

Weiss has been serving as interim manager since February when Bonnie Campbell retired from the position.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors formally named Weiss to the position after accepting several applications for the job but being impressed by the work he had done in a short time.

Clarendon Chamber Manager Bob Weiss

“Bob is a natural for this position,” said Chamber President Roger Estlack. “He understands the purpose of the Chamber, he wants to serve the members and the community, and he brings with him a great background as a small business owner.”

Weiss is maintaining regular hours inside the Clarendon Visitor Center at the Mulkey Theatre from 10 to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., but there are times he will be out calling on businesses during those hours.

“I’m interested in increasing activities of the Chamber and helping businesses in town,” Weiss said. “I want to work with businesses on ideas they think will help them.”

The new manager has been a member of the Chamber since 2009 when he and his family opened Jobobs Pizza, which they operated for about two years. He was a member of the Chamber board from 2013 through 2015 and then returned to the board last fall to fill an unexpired term.

Since February, Weiss has represented Clarendon and the Chamber at the Texas Travel Fair in Amarillo and at the Amarillo Business Connection. He has also met with representatives of the chambers of commerce in Quanah, Childress, Memphis, and Claude to discuss ways communities can work together to capitalize on traffic on US 287.

In addition to helping with the upcoming Mulkey Block Party, he says he’s also working to build participation in the the parade for the Saints’ Roost Celebration and hopes to have some band members marching in the parade.

Weiss is also working to bring more members into the Chamber and says anyone interested in joining is welcome to come see him.

For more information about the Chamber of Commerce, call 874-2421, go by the office at 110 S. Kearney.

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