Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

County to refurbish windows on historic courthouse

Donley County Judge John Howard said windows on the 1890 Courthouse will soon be refurbished as county commissioners work to maintain the historic building.

The windows were one item on the county’s May 8 agenda. Commissioners took no action on a proposal for the work at that time. Another, more economical proposal, will allow the county to perform the needed repairs, Howard said.

Two third-story windows, which present a maintenance and safety risk, will be removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled at a cost of about $700 each, the judge said.

The county also is contacting expert architects and stone masons about spalling of the sandstone around the base of the courthouse. The issue of pieces of that stone flaking off was not addressed during the 2003 restoration of the building, and county officials are trying to determine the best course of action to fix that problem.

In other county business on May 8, commissioners accepted a proposal that would essentially privatize commissary and telephone services for inmates in the Donley County Jail. Howard said the move with ease some administrative work on the sheriff’s office and not cost the county anything.

The purchase of new computers for the county/district clerk were approved with funds coming from the technology fund.

A bid on tax delinquent property at Howardwick was approved as presented.

Budget worksheets were also distributed to elected officials and department heads with a return deadline of June 12.

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