Monday, January 22nd, 2018

City residents clean up

The City of Clarendon is making progress in cleaning up the community, according to reports presented to the City Council during its regular meeting last Thursday, June 22.

Administrator David Dockery told the council that the citywide clean-up held June 5-10 was very successful with residents bringing in 75.3 cubic yards of trash and city crews bringing in another 40 cubic yards, the equivalent of almost three 40-yard roll off boxes.

“That’s a substantial amount,” Dockery told the Enterprise this week. “I think the clean-up was very well received by the residents, and the efforts of the community are evident when you drive around. We truly appreciate those who helped clean up.”

Dockery said the city’s half-price for dumping promotion saved residents $720 during the course of the week.

The administrator said the annual clean-up goes hand-in with the city’s ongoing code enforcements efforts, which encourages keeping properties clean and in good repair year round.

The demolition of one derelict property is one example of those efforts presented in last week’s code enforcement report to the board. Dockery said a trailer house located at 512 S. Sully was demolished last Tuesday, June 20.

City Hall also says it has two other properties that may have to be demolished soon.

Aldermen were also supposed to hear an update on phase two efforts to bring the former Neece residence at 602 S. Bugbee into compliance, but no one showed up to speak about the property, Dockery said.

In other city business, the council heard from Kathryn Wiegand of the Amarillo Area Foundation, who reported on funds held there for water recreation project and the services the foundation provides to the community through the local affiliate fund.

Micha Robnett addressed the board on behalf of the Clarendon Care Center, who discussed the nursing home facility and the services it provides. Robnett also reported that Raymond Garcia is now the local administrator of the center.

Aldermen approved a request for funding from the Donley County Senior Citizens, voting to give $2,000 to the Meals on Wheels program.

City Secretary Machiel Covey received her annual employee evaluation in closed session, after which she was compliments on her diligent work on behalf of the city.

The council approved an amendment to Ordinance 339 to establish new fees for certain items disposed of at the citizens convenience center.

Dockery also reported that the city’s annual Consumer Confidence Report on the municipal water supply had been mailed to each water customer and is also available for inspection at City Hall.

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