Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Bit Ranch wins COEA rodeo

The Bit Ranch took top honors for the Clarendon Outdoor Entertainment Association’s annual Ranch Rodeo during the 140th annual Saints’ Roost Celebration, June 30 and July 1.

Bit Ranch’s scores beat out 19 other local and regional teams as working cowboys put their skills to the test.  The team was made up of Tate Bennett, Teal Bennett, Trey Rusk, Bray Bennett, and Brody Bennett.

Finck Cattle Company’s team finished second with Ky Finck, Derek Finck, Cagle Joe Lewis, Carol Jack Lewis, and Caleb Rice; and the Rafter S Ranch was third with the team of Randy Crump, Brad Shadle, Elwyn McCleskey, Casey McCleskey, and Tell Good.

The Top Hand for the rodeo was awarded to Westin Griswold of the High Card Rach, and the Top Horse award was won by Casey Joe Lewis of Finck Cattle Co.

This year’s attendance for the two-day ranch rodeo was 1,191 compared to 1,351 last year. The Friday night performance was interrupted by a thunderstorm, and the stands and arena were emptied after officials told participants and spectators seek shelter due to lightning and the threat of hail.  The junior rodeo on Tuesday, July 4, was attended by 336 people.

The Junior Ranch Rodeo was won by Harkins Cattle Co. with the team of Cagan Harkins, Colby Mason, Tyler Estenson, Tierra McCorkel, and Gus Gallard. The second place team was Shoe Nail Cattle Compamy with the team of Dalton Benson, Jake Baca, Trey Mitchell, Jade Benson, and Cole Franks. RO Ranch was third in the junior rodeo with a team of Dalton Benson, Jake Baca, Trey Mitchell, Sterling Mitchell, and Cole Franks.

Top Hand winner for the Junior Ranch Rodeo was Trey Mitchell, and Colby Mason rode the Top Horse.

Junior Calf, Donkey, and Steer Riding and Mutton Bustin’ were held all three nights. Overall Mutton Bustin’ champion for the three nights was Madalyn Benson. Overall Calf Riding Champion was Jaxon McAnear, the Overall Donkey Rider was Levi Walden, and Steer Riding champion was also Levi Walden.

Nightly winners of the junior events were as follows:

June 30 – Calf Scramble – Harrison Howard, Jayton Fitch, and Braden Bond; Mutton Bustin’ Madilyn Benson; Calf Riding – Hudson Howard; Donkey Riding – Levi Walden; and Steer Riding – Levi Walden.

July 1 – Calf Scramble – Kal Brunson, Jackson Graves, Sterling Mitchell; Mutton Bustin’ – Jaxon Stoker; Calf Riding – Parker Haynes; Donkey Riding – Rye Reynolds; and Steer Riding –  Dunkan Banks.

July 4 – Calf Scramble – Rankin Profit, Sterling Mitchell, and Tyler Harper; Mutton Bustin’ – Reece Myers; Calf Riding – Jaxon McAnear; Donkey Riding – Colton Benson; and Steer Riding – Levi Waldon.

Beef winners this year were Scott Smith and Lee Smith.

COEA also held a Washer Pitching Tournament on Sunday, July 2. The first place team was Bob Evenson and Steve Nail, and the second place team was Tres Hommel and Chance McAnear.

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