Monday, December 18th, 2017

Tolbert pursuing acting dream

A Clarendon native is spreading his wings in the entertainment business with recent opportunities in the television and motion picture world.

Kenneth Lee Tolbert, a 2010 graduate of Clarendon High School, recently worked as an extra and stunt double in next year’s sci-fi movie “Battle Angel” directed by James Cameron, and he also has a leading role as Reece in next year’s thriller, “Beyond Dark.”

Kenneth Lee Tolbert

In addition to those credits, he’s working on a television series called “Looking for Change” and two others, and a third feature film, “Sweetest Revenge,” is on the horizon to be filmed in Los Angeles, Tolbert said.

Tolbert’s acting career got a boost recently from another Clarendon native, Kirk Knowles, who helped the young thespian learn more about the business and make connections.

“Kirk Knowles has been a huge inspiration in my life,” Tolbert said. “He is an entertainment promoter. He gave me a look into the entertainment industry from a different aspect and taught me how to network.”

Tolbert said Knowles taught him to pitch ideas and how to audition.

“He is a fantastic promoter,” Tolbert said.

Knowles said he became interested in Tolbert because of their Donley County connection.

“He’s sort of extended family, and he went to my Dad’s church,” Knowles said. “He’s always had a dream to be an actor. Everything that has happened has been God’s favor and Kenneth’s tenacity.”

Knowles said he has urged Tolbert to stay humble as things are happening very quickly in his career right now, especially with the help of some mentors in the business.

“I had decided that it was time to really chase a dream of mine, and I’ve already had a few friends that I’ve connected with.”

One of those friends is Tom Proctor from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and another mentor is Robert Zuckerman who was on the crew of “The Pursuit of Happyness” and the Transformers movies.

In addition to acting, Tolbert also writes and plays music with some of his tracks already making it into the film “A Deadly Affair to Remember.”

Knowles also said Tolbert has written “some incredible country songs.”

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