Monday, December 18th, 2017

Resignations shake up Howardwick board

Three Howardwick city officials have resigned and a fourth official quit but returned in the wake of last Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Aldermen.

Sources tell the Enterprise that comments from about 20 members of the public got out of hand towards the end of the July 11 meeting, prompting Mayor Mike Rowland to resign on the spot and Code Enforcement Officer Will Jordan to toss his badge on a table, offering his position to anyone who wanted to take it.

“It was bash the city night,” City Secretary Tammy Jordan said of the meeting.

Mayor Pro Tem Eric Riddle later convinced Jordan to keep his position with the city, and then on Friday, Alderman Sam Grider and maintenance worker Doc Holladay both resigned.

Former mayor Rowland told the Enterprise this week that he simply was tired of arguing.

“It was getting back to the way it used to be… fighting all the time,” he said. “I have had two good terms as mayor, and that was enough.”

Riddle said city officials need resolve differences before it gets to a public meeting.

“There was name calling resulting from friction between Will and Doc,” Riddle said. “Accusations were made and had to come to a resolution.”

Riddle said he thinks Howardwick will keep public comments on the agenda but said name calling and hearsay will not be tolerated.

Filling Rowland’s and Grider’s seats will be decided at the next regular city meeting on August 8.

“The council has to decide, but I’ll probably stay on as mayor, and then we’ll have two alderman vacancies to fill,” Riddle said. “We won’t look back; we’ll go forward.”

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