Sunday, December 17th, 2017

CC proposes tax rate for 2018

The Clarendon College Board of Regents voted to propose raising ad valorem taxes by 7.99 percent during a called meeting on Monday, July 31.

The rate of $0.251149 per $100 valuation would generate an estimated $529,672.63 from local taxpayers or about $43,000 more than the current tax rate of $0.230677.

The board considered the rate in light of efforts in the Texas Legislature’s current session, where some state leaders are seeking to limit local governments’ ability to raise property taxes to only four percent.

CC President Robert Riza recommended adopting the 7.99 percent increase.

“With a 3.99 percent cap, we’ll almost have to do that every year because if you got behind, you’d never catch up,” Dr. Riza said.

If the board approves the rate later this month, the average homeowner in Donley County would see their taxes increase about $6, college officials said. The taxes on a $100,000 home would go up less than $20.

Regents were also mindful that large landowners and businesses with lots of equipment would see larger increases. The board also considered that other taxing entities may not increase their rates this year.

Board members discussed the need to keep close watch on the college budget to make sure every tax dollar is well spent.

The board also discussed the college’s role as one of the county’s largest employers and the economic impact the college has on the county and the region.

Clarendon College currently operates with a $9.3 million budget, most of which is paid for with state appropriations and revenue from its students.

Public hearings on the tax rate will be held on August 10 and 17 at 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. respectively.

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