Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Concealed carry now legal at CC

Licensed To Carry (LTC) holders can now legally carry their weapons on the campus of Clarendon College and other community colleges around the state, but the rules for following that law are not simple.

Clarendon College Regents studied the first draft a proposed concealed carry policy during a called meeting Monday, July 31, as the institution prepared for Senate Bill 11 to become the law of the land August 1.

CC President Robert Riza said previously there was basically a “no guns on campus” policy, but that changed this week. LTC holders are about six percent of the Texas population, and the open carrying of weapons is still prohibited on the campus.

Under the new concealed carry policy the room where the Board of Regents meets would be exempt from weapons carriers. Welding classrooms and science labs would also be exempted. Any place where a dual credit class takes place (which could have students under the age of 18) would be exempt for the time period of that dual credit class. Areas hosting sporting events and UIL events would be exempt during the time of the event.

The locations of disciplinary hearings and election polling would be exempt during those activities.

The college must also post signs designating gun free zones, and additional signs will have to be put up and taken down as different events or activities are taking place on campus.

“In the year that concealed carry has been the law for universities, there has been only one case of an accidental discharge,” Dr. Riza said. “Most of our students are under the age of 21, and you have to be 21 to get your LTC.”

The college’s concealed carry policy is still under review. The draft will be available on the CC website and will also be given to local law enforcement, college employees, and students for review.

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