Monday, December 18th, 2017

Howardwick calls for special election

The Howardwick Board of Aldermen called for a special election to fill two vacant offices during their regular meeting last Tuesday, August 8.

The election will be held November 7 for the purpose of filling the unexpired terms of former mayor Mike Rowland and former alderman Sam Grider.

Rowland resigned and walked out of the city’s July 11 meeting after public comments reportedly got out of hand. Grider resigned from the Board of Aldermen three days later.

Citizens have until 5 p.m. on September 6 to sign up for the special election. Howardwick City Hall said Monday that no one has yet signed up for the mayor’s position, which expires in May 2019. Donald Holladay has signed up to run for Grider’s term, which expires in May 2018.

Holladay was the city’s maintenance worker, but he also resigned the same day Grider did. Mayor Pro-tem Eric Riddle said last month that friction between Holladay and Code Enforcement Officer Will Jordan resulted in name calling at the July 11 meeting.

In other city business last week, Riddle thanked citizens who volunteered to patch roads and announced a $500 donation from resident Charlie Davis to go towards the roads. Riddle also thanked Jordan for volunteering his time to install the new door locks at City Hall.

The board approved motions to approve bids on lots in Howardwick as presented and authorized Foster & Lambert to conduct the city’s annual audit.

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