Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

H-wick sign-up deadline approaches

With just one week left in the filing period, the City of Howardwick has only one candidate that has filed for two positions up for a special election this November.

Mike Rowland and Sam Grider resigned as mayor and alderman respectively in July, prompting the city council to set the special election.

As of Tuesday morning, former city maintenance worker Donald Holladay was the only person who had signed up to run for Grider’s term, which expires in May 2018. Holladay resigned his city job the same week Rowland and Grider resigned their elected positions.

So far no one has signed up to run for the rest of Rowland’s term, which expires in May 2019.

The deadline for candidates to file for the special election is September 6. The election will be held November 7.

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