Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Local cities’ see higher sales tax revenues

Donley County municipalities saw an upswing sales tax revenues last week when Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar distributed September allocations to local governments.

This month’s allocation is based on sales made in July by local businesses that report sales tax monthly.

The City of Clarendon received $33,965.43, which is up 3.38 percent compared to the same period one year ago. That brings the city’s calendar year-to-date total to $290,906.12, trailing 1.33 percent behind this point in 2016.

Howardwick posted a 7.67 percent increase at $1,141 this month, but that city is still 9.93 percent behind for the year-to-date at $8,233.80.

The City of Hedley’s allocation of $1,153.83 marked a 331.33 percent increase over the $267.50 it received last September. The year-to-date total in Hedley is now up 5.91 percent over the same period one year ago at $5,564.02.

Statewide, Hegar sent $668.3 million in local sales tax allocations for September, 6.2 percent more than in September 2016.

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