Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Three county races to be contested

Donley County voters will have three local contested races to decide in the 2018 elections.

Filing closed Monday, December 11, with challengers declared for the offices of County/District Clerk, Precinct 3&4 Justice of the Peace, and Precinct 2 Commissioner.

Clerk Fay Vargas is seeking reelection on the Democratic ticket, and Bobby Woodard is also running for that office as a Republican. Precinct 3&4 Justice of the Peace Denise Bertrand is running again and will face Pat White in the Republican Primary. In Precinct 2, Commissioner Daniel Ford is running for re-election and is being challenged by Donley County Chief Deputy Randy Bond. That race will also be decided in the Republican primary.

The following county officials have filed for re-election but do not have any opposition: County Judge John Howard, Treasurer Wanda Smith, Precinct 1&2 Justice of the Peace Pam Mason, and Precinct 4 Commissioner Dan Sawyer.

Next year’s primary elections will be held on March 6. The General Election will be held November 6.

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