Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

18 of 22 positions still available

With just over two weeks to go in the filing period, four citizens have stepped up to run for offices out of the more than 20 positions that are open this spring.

The cities of Clarendon, Hedley, and Howardwick; the Clarendon and Hedley school district; the Clarendon College District; and the Donley County Hospital District all have a total of 22 board positions available this year.

In Clarendon, the two-year terms of Aldermen Beverly Burrow, John Lockhard, and Larry Jeffers are up. As of Tuesday morning, Alderman Jeffers had filed to run again.

Clarendon ISD Trustees serve three years, and the terms of Wayne Hardin and Wes Hatley are expiring this year. Mr. Hardin has signed up to run for re-election.

Three six-year terms are up on the Clarendon College Board of Regents, and those positions are currently held by Edwin Campbell, Doug Lowe, and Jerry Woodard. As of Tuesday morning, Mr. Woodard and Mr. Campbell had both filed paperwork to run for office.

Hedley has four aldermen seats and the mayor’s position up this year. The full two-year terms of Mayor Carrie Butler and Alderman Johnny Hoggatt as well as one vacant alderman’s seat are up. Also, Hedley has two one-year unexpired aldermen terms up this year, and those positions are currently held by Lynn Kelsey and Willy Lewis.

Howardwick has three two-year alderman terms up for election. Those seats are held by Mac Miller, Robert Brewster, and Doc Holladay.

Hedley ISD has two full three-year terms up this year. Those seats are held by Dana Bell and Carole Ward.

The Donley County Hospital District Board of Directors has four two-year terms up this year. Those are currently held by Jan Farris – Place 4, Nikki Adams – Place 5, Mark C. White – Place 6, and Lori Howard – Place 7.

All local boards are elected at-large, but hospital board candidates must file for a specific place on the ballot.

Filing continues through Friday, February 16. Elections are scheduled to be held Saturday, May 5, 2018.

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