Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Mandatory restrictions in Hedley

Mandatory water restrictions are in place for citizens of the City of Hedley following a July 7 meeting of the Board of Aldermen there.

Mayor Dusty Wilkinson said his board put rules in place after receiving word from Greenbelt Water Authority about the low level of the lake and learning that the Red River Water Authority, which buys water from Greenbelt, had placed mandatory restrictions on its customers.

Greenbelt is currently in Stage Three of its drought contingency plan, which calls for its member cities – Clarendon, Hedley, Childress, Quanah, and Crowell – to voluntarily reduce water usage by 30 percent.

So far, Hedley is the only member city to enact mandatory restrictions, and Mayor Dusty Wilkinson says his city is doing the right thing.

“Water is the most precious resource we have,” Wilkinson told the Enterprise. “If
it’s gone, we’re gone.”

Minutes from the July 7 meeting were not available at press time, but City Hall said the rules went into effect July 11. Mayor Wilkinson said he’s only received one comment from the public about the measures and that person said it should have been done a long time ago.

Hedley’s mandatory rules are as follows:
1) Outside watering utilizing sprinklers or irrigation systems will only be allowed on Monday and Thursday, However, no watering will be allowed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Hand watering only will be allowed on Sundays.
2) No washing of vehicles, boats, RV’s or driveways is allowed.
3) Customers with livestock tubs must maintain the float systems in good repair to alleviate any overflow.
4) Swimming pools must be maintained to reduce evaporation and water loss due to flushing.
5) All commercial and other known high water users are asked to reduce usage and prevent waste.
6) Watch for leaks and notify personnel at Hedley City Hall immediately if one is found.

Violators will be given one verbal warning. After the warning has been given a fine of $50 will be charged to your water bill every time you are caught violating the rules.

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